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What are we?

The Lions Ground Entertainment Group is a professional broadcast network that have served for well known public figures for decades and also built a large audience that way. In 2013 we have chosen to take the path to be the solution of the supply and demand in the world of Social Media, Social Network and Search Engines. We are a broadcast network!

Our vision

At The Lions Ground Entertainment Group uniqueness has priority over quantity. On this way, small channels gets an equal chance to prove that they also can play an important role in the world of social media. We look at the X Factor of a particular content. Remember: This is the world of the lions. Where we are not looking for followers, but born leaders!

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Return to the world of freedom and terminate the contract with the hyenas today. We do our thing to survive ---we all do. But never at the expense of another. The RPM Networks monopolize your income and that is wrong. You, We, Us ---The Lions Ground Entertainment Group.

Youtube Icon Ray William : "What is your advantage where you have to sign your Youtube Adsense account over to a Youtube-based network? Or do you like share your income with a stranger? "Never" They can accomplish without seizing control of your Adsense account".

The Few...


Partnership with The Lions Ground Entertainment Group is free of charge, you also keep full control of your AdSense so no transfer. In comparison with other networks you keep 100% of your AdSense earnings.

To guarantee the public reliable broadcasting, we can only accept verified channels. All applications will be evaluated on behavior, channel page, content and numbers.

Personal details:
We ask for your personal information for our records. We respect your privacy, therefore your personal information will never be published, sold or given away.

All partners are automatically available as ad-cell for our ad network. That means we might sell an ad spot that needs to be placed on your video (s) we will pay you 75% via PayPal. The amount of the payment depends on your stats and the advertising period.

The full URL to your YouTube or Dailymotion channel. For example: or, We recommend to monetize your videos.

Our only requirements are :
* All partners are required to include The Lions Ground Entertainment Group in the feature channel section and to mention a hyperlink in the video description.

* You must be free network free :
We don't promote networks.

* Permission to use your content :
It occurs that we need to use your content to promote your channel best optimal way.

* File :
We require a logo in layered PSD or Transparent PNG file. Min. size 500x500 pixels.

Partnership application

Please note that all fields are required. Incorrect or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Full name :

Birth date :

Address :

Zipcode :

City & Country :

Phone :

E-Mail :

PayPal :

Channel URL :

Select one or more categories:

 Autos & Vehicles Comedy Education Entertainment Film & Animation Gaming Howto & Style Music News & Politics Nonprofits & Activism People & Blogs Pets & Animals Science & Technology Sports Travel & Events

Logo(PSD or PNG transparant only)

Confirm you are network free :  I confirm, i'm network free

Permission to use :  I approve, TLEG may use my content for commercial goals.

The Proud...

The Lions Ground Entertainment Group!

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